See You at the Pole (SYATP) is an annual gathering of Christian students of all ages at a flagpole in front of their local school for prayer, scripture-reading and hymn-singing, during the early morning before school starts. The American SYATP events occur on every fourth Wednesday of September. This annual gathering began in 1990. It has grown by word of mouth, announcements at youth rallies and churches, and the Internet; SYATP meetings now occur internationally.

This mornings’ group at Bessey Creek Elementary in Palm City, was led by Fr. Koz. There were other SYATP moments all around the area and the nation.

It was and a nice break from our usual morning routine.

web-_TW43391Rev. Matthew Kozlowski leads the annual See You at the Pole at Bessey Creek Elementary in Palm City, FLweb-_TW43393 web-_TW43395Rev. Matthew Kozlowski with SYATP organize Kristin Winter at Bessey Creek Elementary School in Palm City.



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