St. Mary’s Nursery

Nursery opens on Sunday from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Ages 1-3

Children will have playtime, snacks, and learning activities pertaining to the church seasons.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Toddler For Nursery

1. Talk about it beforehand

Just like you would for any big life event your child enters, it is important to discuss going to nursery before taking her. Have her look inside the nursery window as you point out all of the fun things the kids are doing. If you have older children, have them talk about how much they liked it, making sure to use the word “nursery” in a positive light. This will help your child have a positive tie to the word, even if your child is not yet verbal.

2. Prepare yourself

As much as you’ve looked forward to this day, you’ve likely also had a high level of anxiety, and sometimes it’s the stress you bring to the situation that causes your child to be apprehensive about going.

Make sure you are calm with a warm smile both at drop-off and pickup so your child will sense this is a safe place to be.

3. Be present

No, this does not mean that you need to stay at nursery with your child. It means you shouldn’t treat the nursery like a baby-sitting service. Don’t drop your screaming child off and leave. If your child is having a hard time and is not consolable, the teacher needs to be able to reach you.

Nothing will traumatize an entire nursery more than a child who is upset and feels trapped with nowhere to go.

Being present can also mean being aware of what is going on in the nursery. Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher how your child is doing so you can make the right adjustments to ensure nursery is a good experience.

For More Questions

The nursery is a place to serve the children and provide a safe, organized environment where they can learn, play and have a happy church experience.


If you have any questions about the nursery at St. Mary’s, please contact St. Mary’s office at 772-287-3244

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