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What is St. Mary’s?

​We are an Episcopal Church in downtown Stuart, Florida. Our congregation joins in worship, learning, and fellowship throughout the week. We also serve the community through our many outreach programs. We are a growing body, welcoming guests, visitors, and all people who seek God and a deeper knowledge of Christ.

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Membership at St. Mary’s

There has never been a better time to become a member.

It’s not about going to church; it’s about being the church.
You can exercise your gifts and talents in service to God, as you grow in faith.


“How do I become a member at this church?”
This is a question we hear frequently, and it is a wonderful question.

Step 1

Attend Services

Saturday or Sunday; traditional or contemporary. Even weekday services. We encourage you to find what feeds and challenges you.

Step 2

Complete a Data Form

Sharing your contact information allows St. Mary’s to know more about you and to communicate with you. Our office is diligent in keeping your information organized and confidential. Click Here to open the form.

Step 3

Attend a New Members Class and Take Alpha
Each fall and spring we offer a new members course. This is the perfect way to get oriented to the parish. The course meets on four Sundays, with opportunities to meet the clergy and connect with other new folks. Alpha is an exciting course in Christianity offered every fall.

Step 4

Seek Baptism or Confirmation
Baptism is full initiation into the Christian community. Confirmation is a mature affirmation and a commitment to the Episcopal tradition. If you were confirmed in another denomination, you can seek official reception into the Episcopal Church.

Step 5

God calls us to offer our “time, talent, and treasure” to God’s work in the world. A pledge to St. Mary’s is also a “vote of confidence” to the parish leadership and vision. Many people say that consistent giving brings joy and a sense of order to their lives.

Step 6

Find a Ministry and/or Small Group
All Christians are called to ministry. We also support one another through fellowship, learning, and prayer.

Being a Christian is not essentially about joining a church or being a nice person, but about following in the footsteps of Jesus, taking his teachings seriously, letting his Spirit take the lead in our lives, and in so doing helping to change the world from our nightmare into God’s dream.

– Bishop Michael Curry

clergy & Staff

Meet Our Team & Leadership

St. Mary’s is blessed to have a staff that is passionate about the mission and ministry of this parish. They are devoted to their work, and most importantly, they are devoted to Jesus

The Rev. Joseph Shepley

The Rev. Joseph Shepley



The Rev. Christian Anderson

The Rev. Christian Anderson

Senior Associate Rector


The Rev. Dr. Patsy McGregor

The Rev. Dr. Patsy McGregor

Associate Rector for Spiritual Formation


Tom Winter

Tom Winter

Director of Finance


Brandon Glick

Brandon Glick

Music Ministry Director


Justin Breese

Justin Breese

Facilities Director


Pat Channing

Pat Channing

Praise Band Director


Ashley Guzi

Ashley Guzi

Director of Administration


Malinda Fritz

Malinda Fritz

Youth Director


Kate Abate

Kate Abate

Administrative Assistant



Frequently Asked Questions

What do people wear?

Being South Florida, you will find a full range of styles. You are likely to see men in blazers, but tropical shorts and sandals are also common. Come as you are!

Have Kids?

Childcare is available in the nursery building during the 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. services in the summer and 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.


The Bible tells us that where our treasure is, there will our hearts be also. Giving to your church can be one of the great joys of a Christian life. Call us for questions at (772) 287-3244   Click Here to learn more.

Baptisms, Funerals, & Other Life Events

Among the many events St. Mary’s hosts, the church can be an exellent backdrop for you or your child’s next step in faith, wedding celebrations or funerals.  We believe the easiest way to get you the information you’re looking for is by a quick and easy phone call.  We would love to hear from you and provide the answers you’re looking for!  Call 772-287-3244

To serve God, to love God, to enjoy God, is the sweetest freedom in the world.
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One of St. Mary’s gifts from God is the amount of involvement on behalf of our Parish to create an effort-driven collection of meaningful ministries that make a tangeable impact on our world for the glory of God alone.
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At St. Mary’s, we understand that the church is the people.  We are honored knowing God has ordained us as an avenue to celebrate and honor the impactful events in your life. Learn More