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We’re having a baby…!

Categories: Outreach

The St. Mary’s Outreach Committee was so pleased to host a baby shower this weekend for five expectant mothers from Mary’s Shelter. It has been very gratifying to see our new partnership with Mary’s Shelter grow and flourish in just a few months. The Mary’s Shelter moms are growing, too! Two of them are expected to deliver their babies in the next month. So this was a particularly good time to “shower” them with some much-needed baby supplies.
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The parishioners of St. Mary’s were tremendously generous. The nursery room was filled with adorable baby clothes and children’s books, as well as essentials such as diapers, wipes and bath supplies. There were two strollers, a car seat, a pack-and-play and a breast pump. The mothers-to-be seemed overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from St. Mary’s. There were lots of hugs and smiles.
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In just three months, several of the Mary’s Shelter mothers have started regularly attending Sunday morning services at St. Mary’s, with help from volunteer drivers from the Outreach Committee. No matter what circumstances brought these young ladies to come to Mary’s Shelter to seek help with their pregnancies, it is wonderful to see an organization so dedicated to helping expectant mothers make positive, faith-based decisions in their lives, and help them get a good start in life for their children. And at St. Mary’s we’re happy to help support these women by showing them what a positive faith community can be.
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A big thank you to Kathy Pignataro for organizing the shower, to all the volunteers who spent the weekend decorating and wrapping, and to everyone at St. Mary’s who contributed with gifts and prayers. We are truly “growing into Jesus and reaching out with love” with this ministry.


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