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VBS 2014 Day 2

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Vacation Bible School 2014

Here is what we shared

with our VBS parents about our day on Tuesday!

We hope you can experience some of the WONDER by reading this!

Vacation Bible School 2014

Dear Parents,

WONDER is the word I use to describe today! I wonder why I am so lucky to spend my morning with 127 of the most bright, inquisitive, energetic and lovable children in Martin County! THANK YOU for sharing them with us!
Today we learned to “Build with God”. We talked about building things in this world for God’s people to use, but we also talked about building our relationship with God. I asked the children how they can build that relationship – and they had some GREAT answers. One of the best, and easiest ways, to build your child’s relationship with God is to PRAY. Pray with them throughout the day. Teach your child to talk to God, and they will learn to hear him in their everyday lives! Ask them how we start our prayer here at VBS!
Vacation Bible School
We saw how building takes a lot of skill today. In science we learned how to a pulley works, and to use a pan scale. We even created our own scale out of water bottles and ruler. Ask your children what weighs more – a penny or a dime?

Our craft from today came home in your child’s folder. Our older groups made beautiful nail crosses. These crosses remind us that Jesus gave his life for us, so we can live free. Our younger groups made our VBS mascot – the robot! Their creativity was contagious!

Vacation Bible School 2014Our bible story today was about rebuilding the Lord’s house (Ezra 3:8-13). The children had great questions about the temple and how it was rebuilt. A huge thank you to our wonderful group of actors who make these stories come to life! The verse for today is from the Book of Isaiah, “We are the clay and you are our potter. All of us are the work of your hand!”
The younger children loved the “We are the Clay” song in music. Ask them what animal noise they made! Our older children learned a fun song where you can use any word you are thinking of and make a song! Check out the example on our Facebook page – we sang about Eckly (one of the students in the group) andVacation Bible School 2014 SNACKS (a big favorite!) We hope you are enjoying the CD and learning some of the songs with the children!

Don’t forget about our school supply drive! We told the children about it this afternoon and they were excited to help others! There will be cartons in the lobby, or your children can bring them in and we will put them on the stage in cartons!

Don’t forget to check your children’s folders each day for all their important work! They should have gotten a small card today with the bible verse and wonder words. There is an “app” you can download that will make the card come to life! It’s VERY cool -so check it out!Vacation Bible School 2014

Photos and videos are uploaded to Facebook – like “St. Mary’s Episcopal Church” to see!

We hope all your children had a GREAT Tuesday! I have often found Wednesday can be the hardest day – they are tired and it’s the middle of the week! Remind them of the fun we have planned – you can even give them this teaser – they WILL love the snack (it involves worms and dirt!)
We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

May God Bless You,
Kelly Garner
Children’s Ministry
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

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