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VBS 2014 Day 3

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Vacation Bible School 2014

 Here is what happened Wednesday at Workshop of Wonders!

Dear Parents,

Vacation Bible School 2014GROW is our word for today. It was our theme all day long. We had our normal Wednesday “growing” pains, but we made it through just fine!
Today we learned to “Grow with God”. We talked about how our relationship with God has to start small, like a seed, but as long as we nurture that relationship with love and respect, it can GROW into the most wonderful thing we will ever know!Vacation Bible School 2014

Our growing theme started with our bible story; the parable of the mustard seed! (Matthew 13). This is such a great example of how our relationship with Jesus grows and changes. We even had a few mustard seeds on hand for the children to see!

In our craft room the older children made mustard seed necklaces. These are still drying and will come home later this week. Our younger children made Rivet puzzles. These came home. Let them show you their skill at putting it together. We also sent home their lanterns from Monday today. A small battery powered tea light would be perfect in it!

One of my favorite things we do at VBS each year is to have the children create a mural. This year our theme was “What would you put in God’s toolbox?” Each child took a turn painting what they would put in – a video is on Facebook where you can find what your child chose! There are some wonderful answers! Here is a photo of the finished product!
Vacation Bible School 2014These murals hang in our parish hall! It is a great way to remember your children and their time with us all year long! They love coming back year after year to find what they added!Vacation Bible School 2014

Our worms in dirt was a huge hit in snack! They all asked me for more “dirt” tomorrow!

We worked on the song “Your Grace Is Enough” today! Such an inspiring message! This is a contemporary Christian song, so you may have heard it before!

Science was probably the biggest hit of the day! Your child should have brought home a “terrarium” today. This is a mini-greenhouse where they will (hopefully) grow mustard seeds. The terrarium should be put in a sunny location. You should only need to add a bit of water to the top of it (the cup has small holes on the top). If you add a few drops of water into your terrarium it should not need any more. The heat inside it will cause condensation and keep it moist! It should take about 2 weeks for the seeds to sprout. We told the children to check right about the time they head back to school!

We also did a fun experiment today that many of the children wanted to try at home. It’s called “POP”. It involves a sealed ziploc sandwich bag, vinegar, water and baking soda. We will send home the exact “recipe” tomorrow so you can try itVacation Bible School 2014 with your children!

Don’t forget about our school supply drive! We had so many children participate today! Thank you so much!! We will continue to collect all week!

Don’t forget to check your children’s folders each day for all their important work! They should have gotten a small card today with the bible verse and wonder words. There is an “app” you can download that will make the card come to life! It’s VERY cool -so check it out!

Photos and videos are uploaded to Facebook – like “St. Mary’s Episcopal Church” to see!Vacation Bible School 2014

We would love to show you all we have learned, so make plans to arrive at 11:40am on Friday and join us in the Great Hall (where you drop them off). We will show you some of the songs and dances and phrases we have learned all week! We hope to see you there!

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

May God Bless You,
Kelly Garner
Children’s Ministry
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church



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