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Meet up with the Mission Team

Categories: General Interest,Mission Trip 2014

Dear St. Mary’s,

I am so excited to meet up with the Mission Team in East Tennessee on Sunday night, June 8th.  We’ll be sweatin’ and servin’ on rooftops in the Appalachians in the name of Jesus Christ!  Please join me in prayer as we seek to do the Lord’s will on this incredible journey.  Who knows, maybe some of our team will be blessed as they are a blessing to others…

Ian in VirginiaThis photo is from my last visit to one of my favorite places, First Landing (Seashore) State Park in Virginia Beach.  I love to run here in the shade of the oak tree canopy.  Nikki, Samuel, and I are bidding farewell to Virginia Beach as you are reading this note.  We are moving to Palm City at the beginning of July and I’ll be in the office and around on Sundays towards the end of the month.  I pray that the Lord makes straight our paths until we get to meet face-to-face.

In Him,

Fr. Ian McCarthy

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