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Love and Hope in Action

Categories: Outreach

It is great to be working with one of our newest Outreach partners.  L.A.H.I.A is a faith based non-profit that directly serves homeless men and women in Martin Country.  They take all comers, and they offer food, clothing, plenty of love, and a chance to move forward.
I finally got a tour of their wonderful facility, which is small, but impressive.

I was there because St. Mary;s was able to use our TRUE fund to help a particular man named Samuel.  This man needed a bus ticket to San Antonio where he hopes to reconnect and find work.  LAHIA called St. Mary’s to see if we could help.  I had the pleasure of delivering the tickets, praying with Samuel and Chris (LAHIA staff), and taking these pictures.

God is good!  We give thanks for the generous donations to our TRUE FUND.ImageImage

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  1. Bryan Garner Posted on March 21, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Thanks, Fr. Koz, for bringing us this story. What a wonderful example of how St. Mary’s is “growing into Jesus and reaching out with love.”

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