General Interests

Call from Robert!

Last Sunday I preached about a man named Robert Ward. He came to the church via an agency called LAHIA (Love and Hope in Action). We were able to use our TRUE fund to buy him a bus ticket to New Jersey. He called this week to say he had arrived safely, than he already…

Koz on Noah’s Ark

What is a cubit anyway? This and other thoughts on the story of Noah’s Ark. Check out this episode of Wednesday’s Words.

Koz on praying for sports

Is it ok that I am praying Rob Gronkowski this week? What’s the deal with praying for sports, either for yourself or others? Check it out.

Fr. Koz and Ashley Fredryk at CFW

It is always such a blessing to have Ashley come speak with us. For over a year St. Mary’s has kept in touch and supported Ashley through prayer and financial contributions, as she makes visits to Haiti.

Christmas Eve 5p.m. Service

A thousand thank you’s to everyone involved in this service. Our largest attendance yet. The kids, music, and atmosphere were all part of the joy. The video shows music, the pageant, Todd’s sermon, and the children’s choir

Fr. Koz – What’s the point of high liturgy?

Incense, copes, chanting?  Is this a Harry Potter chapter?  No, it’s high liturgy, and it is one of the ways Christians have been worshipping for centuries.  In this video, I break it down and get to the heart of what worship is all about in the first place. -mk