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Easter 2013

Some random images from around the church this easter morning….

St. Mary’s Mission Trip

[youtube=] Christianity is about changing lives.  Church is about building disciples.  In June, we will be accomplishing all that and more through the summer mission trip to Sevierville, TN. Thirteen adults and youth will be making the week-long trip to repair homes for poor families in Tennessee. Mission trips also make a massive impact on the…

Fasting – Some Advice

My first experience with fasting was in my first year of seminary. Along with a professor mentor and four other students, I drank only liquids for all of Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Good Friday). It was very difficult, and I remember being pretty grumpy the entire time. Perhaps in the future, I will be…

The Big Picture with Darcy Weir – The Last Supper

In this session of the Big Picture, we considered the many depictions of the Last Supper, and explored why Leonardo’s version began disintegrating shortly after he created it.  We also considered images of Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, contrasting those of the brothers-in-law Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini. -tw

Fr. Koz on Joseph, Divine Providence, and God the great Weaver

One of the more difficult sermons I have put together recently. Providence and God’s will is very tricky subject. The image of God as “Weaver” came back to me about an hour before the service. Ended up tying the whole thing together. Of course, theology is a process. I certainly do not have it all…

Fr. Koz on Lies, Genesis, and God

We are having a blast working through the E100 Bible Challenge, and for now we are in the midst of Genesis. What are the common threads for this week? Fr. Koz spells it out in this episode of Wednesday’s words.