From the Director

From the Director …

Karen LindsayIsn’t it wonderful how God is still working miracles today!  All we have to do is be obedient to His lead.  When I think about the way God brought together all the people who have made this Center possible, there is no doubt that He wanted this Healing Center established! It is my sincere pleasure to be a part of it.

After Fr. Todd Cederberg and Dr. Nancy Vrechek donated their time and efforts to help create the Center, it was perfect timing when they asked me to come on board to be the Executive Director.  I had recently graduated with my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and felt that this was a perfect way to utilize the combination of this degree and my background in business.  During my career of nearly 20 years in the high tech business world, it had become clearer to me that God was calling me to a very different course.  Eventually, after much contemplation and prayer, I decided to make the life-changing decision to completely change careers. Additionally, I have come to find the importance faith holds in one’s psychological and social well-being.

I am thrilled to be a part of a Healing Center that is faith-based.  I have already heard from many clients the desire for a counselor who shares their faith.  Just as I was being called to have faith in God’s plan for me, I believe He is calling us all to help make this Healing Center a vital part of St. Mary’s parish and the surrounding community.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more about this exciting new ministry.

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Karen Lindsay, M.A.
Executive Director