Confirmation 2013Confirmation – Reception – Reaffirmation

A mature commitment to the Christian faith.  The sign of this sacrament is the laying on of hands by an Episcopal Bishop.  In confirmation you renew the promises of your Baptism and receive strength from the Holy Spirit to continue in you Christian walk.

A commitment to the Episcopal Church which recognizes a previous confirmation in another denomination.  For example, if you were confirmed by a Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church, we honor that sacrament as you are officially received into the Episcopal Church.  The Bishop will lay hands on you, offer a special blessing, and welcome you as an Episcopalian.

For those who have been previously confirmed or received in the Episcopal Church, but feel called to make a public statement of re-commitment.  The Bishop will offer a special blessing for you and your ministry.  Persons seeks reaffirmation should contact the office.  It is not necessary to take the course, but we welcome you to schedule a clergy appointment to discuss your reaffirmation.

For more information, please call the church office at 772-287-3244 or click here to email.